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Multiple Inhaler Triple Therapy Acquisition Cost Calculator

This online calculator will allow you to easily compare Trimbow against other multiple inhaler triple therapies. Follow the simple step by step guide below to see how much your estimated acquisition cost saving could be.



Based on these assumptions, any projected acquisition cost savings are an estimate and not an actual cost saving.

  1. Pack figures shown assume usage within licensed recommendations of the respective products enabling comparison to be made on an acquisition costs basis.
  2. This item is making comparisons based on acquisition costs only and not suggesting clinical comparability.
  3. The clinical appropriateness of any medication review should be conducted on a patient by patient basis.
  4. Relevant LAMA price is based on the assumption that each prescription is based on 30 capsules plus device, and not the refill price.

Start by selecting from the below menu, which gives various options for the way a patient could receive their triple therapy, allowing their acquisition cost to be compared.

1. How are your patients prescribed Triple Therapy currently receiving their medication?1,2

Select up to three options from each of the ICS/LABAs and LAMAs dropdown menus below:
  • AirFluSal® Forspiro® 500/50 mcg (Fluticasone propionate + salmeterol)
  • DuoResp® Spiromax® 160/4.5 mcg (Budesonide + formoterol)
  • DuoResp® Spiromax® 320/9 mcg (Budesonide + formoterol)
  • Fobumix® Easyhaler® 160/4.5 mcg (Budesonide + formoterol)
  • Fobumix® Easyhaler® 320/9 mcg (Budesonide + formoterol)
  • Fostair® NEXThaler 100/6 mcg (Beclometasone + formoterol)
  • Fostair® pMDI 100/6 mcg (Beclometasone + formoterol)
  • Fusacomb® Easyhaler® 500/50 mcg (Fluticasone propionate + salmeterol)
  • Relvar® Ellipta® 92/22 mcg (Fluticasone furoate + vilanterol)
  • Seretide® Accuhaler® 500/50 mcg (Fluticasone propionate + salmeterol)
  • Stalpex® 500/50 mcg (Fluticasone propionate + salmeterol)
  • Symbicort® pMDI 200/6 mcg (Budesonide + formoterol)
  • Symbicort® Turbohaler® 200/6 mcg (Budesonide + formoterol)
  • Symbicort® Turbohaler® 400/12 mcg (Budesonide + formoterol)
  • WockAIR® 160/4.5 mcg (Budesonide + formoterol)
  • WockAIR® 320/9 mcg (Budesonide + formoterol)
  • Acopair® 18 mcg (Tiotropium)
  • Braltus® Zonda® 10 mcg (Tiotropium)
  • Eklira® Genuair® 322 mcg (Aclidinium)
  • Incruse® Ellipta® 55 mcg (Umeclidinium)
  • Seebri® Breezhaler® 44 mcg (Glycopyrronium)
  • Spiriva® HandiHaler® 18 mcg (Tiotropium)
  • Spiriva® Respimat® 2.5 mcg (Tiotropium)
  • Tiogiva® 18 mcg (Tiotropium)

You have chosen to compare:

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      2. What is the per patient acquisition cost of Triple Therapy?1,2

      The comparison table and chart below are auto-populated by your selections above. Click on the Triple Therapy combination(s) you prescribe to your patients, then click on the 'Continue' button to see the next step.
      Triple Therapy combination Cost per 30 day treatment Cost per patient per year Cost difference to Trimbow
      View comparison chart Continue

      3. Your current choices of Triple Therapy are costing you:1,2

      Enter the number of patients you prescribe for each Triple Therapy combination in the table below.
      Triple Therapy combination Number of patients
      Medicines review (where clinically appropriate) leading to Trimbow treatment could lead to the following change in acquisition costs:
      Reviewed to Trimbow:50%
      Cost change:£0.00

      Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard or search for MHRA Yellow Card in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Adverse events should also be reported to Chiesi Limited on 0800 0092329 (UK) or PV.UK@Chiesi.com.